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Dynasties II | Preview (BBC One)

From the southern tip of the snow-capped Andes, to dusty plains in the shadow of Mount Kilimanjaro, to vast wetlands fed by the flooding of the Zambezi River - these four films will tell the stories of elephant, cheetah, puma and hyena.

In 2018, more than eight million viewers were captivated by each episode of Dynasties, and the unbelievable daily struggles faced by David the chimpanzee, Charm the lioness, Blacktip the painted wolf and more.

BBC One has confirmed with this season it will be bringing even more remarkable stories to life. The series will look at families and leaders; heroes and villains; triumph and tragedy.

Like the first series, each episode will delve deep into the lives of individual groups, filming in a single, iconic location, focusing on a protagonist leader and following them on their daunting quest to keep their family safe and establish their genetic line, or dynasty.

Each a leader in their own right; Angelina the matriarch elephant, she-cheetah Kali, Rupestre the puma and hyena clan-leader Suma, are confronted by a rapidly changing world with relentless competition for dwindling resources that stacks perilous odds against them. These pioneers must adapt quickly, or face losing their dynasty forever.

The second series promises to be equally fascinating, and will transport audiences into the dangerous, surprising and breath-taking worlds these animals inhabit, as demonstrated by Meerkat: A Dynasties Special on BBC One and iPlayer this December.

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History, says: “Dynasties II will be a gripping look at the lives of four remarkable wild animals as they struggle to build a family against the odds. With characters you fall in love with, and genuine life-and-death stakes, this will be a series every bit as thrilling as the greatest drama."

Dynasties II begins Sunday 20th March at 8pm on BBC One.


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