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The RadioTimes have reportedly revealed the episode title and synopsis for the second episode of Doctor Who: Flux, which will broadcast on Sunday 7th November on BBC One in the UK.

War Of The Sontarans is provisionally scheduled as an hour long episode, airing from 6:10pm on BBC One. This time of provisional, so could change. Final listings will be announced in the afternoon of Tuesday 26th October.

The synopsis is...

The Doctor has an unexpected encounter with one of her deadliest enemies when the Sontarans become a new faction in the Crimean War. As the British army goes into pitched battle with the warlike aliens, the Doctor and her companions seek the help of renowned nurse Mary Seacole (Sara Powell), while an ancient temple hides mysterious secrets.

The episode is written by Chris Chibnall and directed by Jamie Magnus Stone.

Doctor Who: Flux launches Sunday 31st October at 6:25pm on BBC One.

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