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Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling could be set to appear in Doctor Who, according to reports from The Sun.

Gosling starred alongside new Doctor Who actor Ncuti Gatwa in the Barbie Movie. Soon after Gatwa was unveiled as The Doctor to the world, Gosling was spotted wearing a t-shirt which depicted his Barbie co-star as The Doctor.

Ncuti Gatwa previously said: "I remember Ryan Gosling bounding up to my trailer like, ‘Doctor Who is the coolest show in the world man! I’m the biggest fan.’ And I was like, ‘What the hell?’. This show has incredible reach."

An insider told The Sun: "This would be a huge coup for the show, but also a real honour for Ryan who is something of a Whovian. It’s not clear yet what role he’d have, but the writers would tailor a character for him to play, if he could find the time in his packed schedule."

Last month the tabloid reported that TV presenter Davina McCall was to guest star in the upcoming Christmas special. The Doctor's new companion Ruby Sunday (played by Millie Gibson) reportedly meets McCall on set of the fictional programme with the aim of tracing her birth parents. It's reported that Gibson's character is adopted.

It's also reported that Davina will be "crushed" by a Christmas tree. TV Zone has approached the BBC about these reports. The special episode, due to air over Christmas, will be Ncuti Gatwa's first full story as The Doctor.

Doctor Who airs on BBC One and iPlayer in the UK. The BBC declined to comment on speculation.


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