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DNA Journey | Larry & Alison Preview (ITV)

Gavin and Stacey favourites, actors Larry Lamb and Alison Steadman, embark on a road trip to find out their family history using a mix of DNA and genealogy, meeting living family members they never knew existed, along the way.

One of the most emotional DNA Journeys yet filmed, Alison comes to learn, through production and subsequent filming that her father George Percy was adopted.

Neither her nor the family had any idea.

Propelled to know as much as she can and supported by her great friend, Larry they go on a journey that takes them to the Isle of Man, as Alison gets to know the story behind the Granny she never knew.

For Larry, a series of delightful coincidence occur. There’s the entertaining bombshell that he’s related to one of the world’s first famous movie stars, a Canadian actress called Florence Lawrence.

A pure coincidence, but Canada is the place where Larry started his acting career himself. He also finds out where his Jewish roots come from, all the way from Lithuania which just happens to be where his best mate hails from. Larry is blown away by the strange and wonderful connections.

DNA Journey continues Friday at 9pm on ITV.


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