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Casting has been announced for the four single episodes of upcoming Dave comedy pilots.

The four single episodes (4x30') include Dead Canny written by Anna Costello, Holier Than Thou written by Misha Adesanya, Perfect (W/T) written by Laurence Clark, and The Other Half written by Kate Reid and Zak Ghazi-Torbati.

Dead Canny

Follows a questionable young psychic from Consett, Co. Durham, whose ability to see dead people not only earns her a few quid cash-in-hand down the local pub, but also lands her as the prime suspect in a murder investigation.

Starring Denise Welch, Mark Benton and Fraser Ayres.

Holier Than Thou

Set in contemporary Manchester, it follows the journey of three young adults as they navigate sex, faith, and relationships, while attending the conservative, African Evangelical church they were raised in.

Starring Princess Khumalo, Tomi Ogbaro and Jordan Williams.

Perfect (W/T)

Set in Liverpool, three young disabled people become unexpected friends when they meet on a half-cocked and pointless work preparation scheme. Together they navigate life, dating, and a system that seems designed to only benefit the people who run it.

The Other Half

Follows 20-something Navid who is half-Welsh, half-Iranian and 100% that bitch, who gets the chance to escape his small Welsh town when he lands an internship in the big city: Bristol. But as he runs headlong into his new life, shacking up with his best friend and her painfully privileged family, he's also running away from his old life in the closet, living with his overprotective father. And the more he tries to keep the two halves of his life apart, the more they keep crashing into each other.

Starring Vahid Gold, Paul Chahidi, Smantha Spiro and Justin Edwards.

The series of episodes have been written as part of the UKTV WriterSlam, with TriForce Creative Network and More details can be found here. Casting announcements were initially revealed exclusively by British Comedy Guide.


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