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Presenters Rav Wilding and Michelle Ackerley return to BBC One from Monday 4 March helping crimefighters crack some of the UK’s biggest unsolved cases. The series is made by BBC Studios Documentary Unit for BBC One Daytime.

Broadcasting live over three weeks, each new episode will feature a reconstruction appeal film, ‘Wanted Faces’ and shine a light on the dedicated teams bringing criminals to justice.

Crimewatch Live kicks off the first week with a special visit to the studio by BAFTA award-winning actor and founder of Our Dementia Choir Vicky McClure, to discuss her new dementia care partnership with Nottingham Police.

Cases featured in the first week:

  • The Police investigation into the jaw dropping impersonation by a man who stole thousands from his own father by posing as his recently deceased mother.

  • The case of a prolific sex attacker was finally jailed for murdering Sarah Crump, 30 years after he was cleared of the crime.

  • The audacious story of how a drug gang were caught just hours after robbing a rival gang whilst dressed as police.

  • How a determined police force took down the gang selling industrial amounts of cocaine and laundering their profits through multiple cryptocurrency accounts.

  • How police were able to catch rapist Paul Shakespeare who had attacked a teenager in Gloucester more than 30 years ago.

Presenter, Michelle Ackerley, says: “I’m really looking forward to working on the new series of Crimewatch Live. Each year we work closely with police forces, helping to crack down on crime by broadcasting appeals from across the UK. Having the opportunity to go behind the scenes with some of the UK’s most respected emergency service teams is a real privilege. Once again, we need the viewers’ help in order to solve important cases.”

Crimewatch Live will once again appeal to viewers to help the Police to solve dozens of cases. In the last year, our appeals have led to significant developments on multiple cases for Police and led to arrests and charges.

The new series will broadcast from Monday 4 March on BBC One at 10.45am for the first two weeks and at 9.30am for the third week and will also be available on BBC iPlayer. Vicky McClure will appear on Crimewatch Live on Tuesday 5 March.


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