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Chef Gino D'ACampo is set to front a new ITV dating series 'Cooking Up Love' based on food.

Following the pilot recorded last year, ITV have now commissioned a full series, produced by Gordon Ramsay's production company Studio Ramsay.

The series will feature singletons entering a competitive kitchen environment in Italy in a bid to find love, overseen by TV chef Gino D'ACampo. To apply for the series, click here.

ITV is making an exciting, new dating show and is looking for singles of any age who want to find love whilst learning how to cook authentic, Italian cuisine in Italy. The show will have a mix of singletons, hoping to find their match through the art of cooking.

A source told The Sun: "For the last year British couples have been cooped up at home, which has led to a surge in hapless home cooking and domestic boredom. As a red-blooded Italian, Gino knows the sensual joys that only food can bring...

They continued: "As far as he is concerned, if a couple can click in the kitchen, then it’s a recipe for clicking in other rooms too. Gino is becoming a hot property in TV because he has a huge following, is great fun and has a genuine skill."

ITV have not officially announced the series.

More details will be revealed in due course.


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