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PREVIEW: Come Dine With Me (Aug 2021), Channel 4

Award-winning Come Dine with Me returns for a new run with a twist, as all five strangers compete to host the best dinner party in the same spectacular location, cooking in a kitchen they've never cooked in before, to win a £1000 cash prize.

Knives and forks will fly, as our hosts compete in Scottish castles, fancy flats and swish country houses throughout the UK. The first host from in and around Basingstoke, marketing manager and maths enthusiast Nicole, hopes to wow her guests with a culinary nod to her roots and is throwing in a disco for good measure!

Her foodie journey takes us from Lebanon back to the UK via the Caribbean. Will it be enough to impress her guests - company director Adam, winery worker Izzy, DJ, poet and business owner Mark and cleaning company owner Chris?

Come Dine With Me returns Monday 2nd August at 5pm on Channel 4.


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