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The former footballer and Ninja Warrior UK host is to front a new one-off ITV documentary, it's been revealed.

Chris Kamara will front the ITV programme following his speech apraxia diagnosis, which can mean speech often comes across slower and slurred. The documentary aims to raise awareness of the condition and help those affected.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Kamara said: "I am doing a documentary for my condition. It is for ITV. We have been speaking to people with apraxia and dyspraxia. They are people who are worse off than me. It has been emotional, but I haven’t been nervous. Hopefully with this documentary we will open a few eyes."

Speaking at the Pride Of Britain Awards, he continued: "I am hoping we can bring awareness to this issue. It’s something that people don’t know much about. People who are suffering can’t get the proper help because it’s not available on the NHS...

"To get help you need to go private. So it’s really important to raise awareness about this. It would be nice for families who have got youngsters who can’t speak at all to get help."

More details about the documentary will be revealed in due course. More details about speech apraxia can be found here.


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