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Channel 4 has commissioned 'Chef V Corner Shop', a new 5x30’ pilot series showcasing the humble corner shop.

Hosted by Chizzy Akudolu, the series will see some of Britain’s best-known chefs travel to different neighbourhoods where they will compete against a talented local chef to create a delicious two-course meal. The catch? The chefs will be swapping their usual artisan ingredients for whatever they can find in the corner shop.

In this ultimate test of culinary creativity, the winner will be decided by the shop owners themselves. Who has made the best use of what they have to offer at a shop serving the local community?

Jo Street, Head of Daytime, said: “The corner shop has always been a life-saver when you’ve run out of milk or teabags, but only now are we realising the true value and uniqueness of these independent businesses. This series will showcase how brilliantly they can tell the story of the local communities they serve, and put the professional chefs under a bit of pressure as well!”

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