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New series begins on Thursday 01st October on Channel 4.

A brand new crop of singletons hope to find their special someone on a real blind date. Maître D Fred Sirieix and his team of cupids are on hand, making sure love is at the top of the menu.

The whole series is available on All 4 for free, to stream or download, following the transmission of episode 1, on 1 October.

First into the restaurant is 24-year-old self-confessed party animal Nikita, from Swansea, who's hunting for someone just as wild. Enter Rhys, an engineer from the Welsh valleys known for his controversial antics on a night out. But Nikita gets a little more than she bargained for when Rhys reveals a rather intimate tattoo to the entire restaurant.

Part-time fitness instructor and disco dancer Selvin meets Donna, who seeks a man who can make her laugh. Former Playboy bunny Kelly-Ann is a model who's dated some A-list stars in her time and wants 'a daring man' to keep her feeling alive. Will motorbike daredevil Stephen and his many tattoos tickle Kelly Ann's fancy?

Lastly, Ex-RAF driver Aaron and his date Jessie 'touched base a little' just a few years back. But what about now? Series Prod: Neil Rubenstein; Series Ed: Richard Mears; Exec Prods: Jon Crisp, Michele Kurland; Prod Co: Twenty Twenty


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