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Channel 4 is part of a 3-way commission from Arrow Pictures that also includes PBS and ARTE France to make Generation 9/11, a feature-length documentary which takes a unique look at the impact of the 9/11 tragedy on its 20th anniversary.

One hundred and eight children were in their mother’s womb when they lost their fathers in the terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001. Generation 9/11 (1 x 120 mins) is an intimate film telling the stories of their children, born in the wake of their deaths.

Following the lives of this unique group of teenagers, Generation 9/11 will document what’s happened to them and their families in the 20 years following al-Qaeda’s assault. Whilst the film weaves together shared chapters of the lives of these children - their first day of school; the first time the absence of their father was felt; the moment they learned how their father died - it also serves as a lens to look at the broader world.

Generation 9/11 will follow its protagonists on their personal journey over the last 20 years using a combination of new footage, family photos and home archives. It follows in the footsteps of a range of 9/11 films for which John Smithson has been responsible, including the Emmy-nominated 9/11: Phone Calls From The Towers (1 x 90 for Channel 4) and the BAFTA-nominated 9/11: The Falling Man (1x 90 for Channel 4/Discovery Channel).

Sacha Mirzoeff, Factual Commissioner, Channel 4, says: “Most 9/11 stories are set around that fateful day two decades ago and the immediate aftermath. Generation 9/11 is the first documentary I’m aware of to look forwards and the voice of the film is provided by the sons and daughters who lost their fathers in the attack.

They’ve all lived in the shadow of that terrorist event, and many others after, and have unique takes on our world that help define our future. To hear directly from young people today about their views on the multitude of issues they face in this fast-changing environment feels critical. Doing that with the intimate human documentary human touch that Liz Mermin and Arrow Pictures provides feels particularly exciting.”


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