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In the kitchen, Marisha says to Ekin-Su, “How are you feeling now?”

Ekin-Su says, “Do me one favour - just let it go.”

Marisha says, “I’m going to let it go. But please can I just tell you that I’m sorry though.”

Ekin-Su says, “I’ve accepted it, it’s fine. I appreciate you being remorseful about it. And I just needed a bit of space. But I’m good now. We're good now.”

Marisha says, "I know but I just felt like I panicked and I'm sorry."

Ekin-Su says, “It's ok, honestly, it's ok"

Marisha says, “And I just felt hurt that you were hurt. It hurt me seeing you like that.”

Ekin-Su says, “Of course. You’re my friend in here.”


Big Brother gathers Housemates at the sofas. Big Brother says, “Housemates. You all like talking. Some of you more than others. In fact, some of you make a living from using your voice. Today, Housemates are to produce a series of podcasts.”

The favourite podcaster will win a slumber party with another Housemate of their choice.

Housemates head to Big Brother’s shed in the garden to begin the ‘Shed Talks’. Up first is David and Bradley for ‘The Daily Show with David and Bradley’ as they discuss dating, relationships and everything in between. 

Bradley asks, “If you could go back to your younger self and say something, what would you say regarding relationship advice or anything?”

David says, “I’d say you’re going to go through a bit of a s*** time at school. I definitely held back who I was as a person especially in school with the bullying and being gay. I was scared, I was a kid. I was scared to be who I truly was.”

Up next is Colson, Nikita, Levi and Louis in ‘Boomers vs Zoomers.’

Colson asks Louis if he thinks his generation is the ‘lazy generation’. Louis says, “Colson, they need to get away from their phones and their laptops. Everybody is looking at their phones, looking at their laptops. They’re lazy.”

Finally, Ekin-Su, Fern, Marisha and Zeze head to Big Brother’s shed as they ask ‘what makes women powerful?’

Zeze says, “I want to kick it off with this first statement - women concentrate on being attractive because we believe that attractiveness equals more success.”

Marisha says, “I do feel like being more attractive does help you. That’s why we change our teeth, why we add make-up, why we get straighter hair.”

Marisha adds, “For instance, my teeth, I had a bigger gap than what I have now. I closed my gap, I got more TV work. I lost 80 pounds two years ago - I started getting more roles.” 

Zeze asks, “How do you know if you’re changing things for yourself? Or changing things for other people? Or what society says is beautiful?”

Zeze adds, “To black men, I’m very small. I’ve had guys offer to pay for BBLs for me. I’ve had guys say to me ‘you would be a solid nine if you just got your body done’.”

Ekin-Su says, “Those guys can go to hell!” 

Reflecting on today’s task in the Diary Room, Louis says, “Zeze was wow. She was not predictable. She was not safe. She was brilliant. When I first came into the Big Brother house, I didn’t get Zeze. As time went on, she revealed herself more and more. She’s not afraid to say anything. I do think she is the future of broadcasting. I saw the real Zeze today.”


The Housemates play a game with toilet rolls. Rolling the toilet roll along the dining table, wherever it lands determines whether they have to do a truth or a dare. 

Ekin-Su wastes no time in daring Louis “to get up and twerk.” Does Louis have what it takes? 

Later, Colson also chooses Louis as he dares him to head upstairs and sing the chorus from ‘You Raise Me Up.’

Nikita later dares David to seductively crawl across the table. And it isn’t long before Bradley is wrapping Fern in toilet roll for her dare. 


Tonight, it’s a double live eviction and two of the nominated Housemates will be evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.

Ekin-Su, David, Fern, Levi and Louis all face the public vote and two of them will see their Celebrity Big Brother experience come to an end. 

Voting for tonight’s eviction is open exclusively via the Big Brother app, with viewers being asked to vote for the housemate they wish to save from eviction.

Following tonight’s eviction viewers can watch AJ Odudu and Will Best grill the evictees in their first live interview on Celebrity Big Brother: Late & Live.

Celebrity Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV1. Stream the series so far on ITVX.


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