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Show Me the Honey! follows wanna-be beekeepers as they learn everything there is to know about caring for a hive.

With Bafta-winning presenter and bee enthusiast Maddie Moate at the helm, the 7 x 30’ series follows four families from across the UK on their beekeeping, honey-making adventure.

The CBBC series will capture all the ups and downs of beekeeping - from the joy of receiving their hive, bees and suits, through to the tribulations of maintaining a hive, up to its climactic final harvest.

Throughout the series, which is the very first Beekeeping Challenge on British TV, a host of celebrities will encourage the beekeepers on their journey.

Maddie, who kept bees as a child, says: “We all love honey and bees are vital to our eco-system, now more than ever. With green fingers and sticky hands we want to inspire the next generation of eco-conscious youngsters to get outside, support our precious pollinators and maybe even encourage them to try their hand at beekeeping with a local expert.”

Curtis says: “Honey produced in an inner-city environment, which tends to have high variety of flowers, will taste very different from a countryside honey where the bees may have been exclusively visiting one crop such as heather. So it will be interesting to see who comes out on top - the city, suburban or countryside teams?”

Show Me the Honey! is made by Interstellar TV for CBBC and will air on CBBC and BBC iPlayer in September.

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