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Nigel has joined the popular BBC One and iPlayer medical drama Casualty, playing Max Cristie, Holby ED’s new Clinical Lead.

Charming, brilliant, and a lovable rogue who lives by his own rules, Dr Max Cristie is the doctor everyone wants to be treated by. However, not all the staff at Holby ED will be happy to see him, notably current clinical lead Dylan (played by Will Beck) who is less than pleased to be reacquainted with a face from the past.

It’s clear from the offset that the pair have unresolved history, which we soon discover goes all the way back to medical school. There’s no time for pleasantries in this job though and Max soon finds himself in the thick of the action on his first shift - it’s life and death stakes from the offset.

Viewers will see Nigel on screen as Max later this month, and it’s safe to say he’ll be making a big impact on the hospital.

Nigel Harman says: "I'm honoured and grateful to be joining the cast of Casualty. Many pals have donned the famous scrubs over the years and had a ball, so for me it was an easy decision. With Max the viewers can expect a character who leads with his heart and not always his head. Never afraid to get in a scrape or two, yet loyal to the end even if it means putting himself in danger."

Jon Sen, Executive Producer for BBC Studios says: “We are thrilled to be welcoming Nigel to the cast of Casualty. When we conceived the character of Max we knew we needed an actor with craft, charm and charisma and we approached Nigel knowing he’d be the perfect choice...

"We were over the moon when he agreed to play the role and from what we’ve seen so far, Nigel’s creating an iconic character who is set to stir things up within the Emergency Department. We can’t wait for the audience to meet Max.”

Casualty, the world’s longest running primetime medical drama, is a BBC Studios Continuing Drama production for BBC One and iPlayer and continues on Saturdays.


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