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PREVIEW: The Boy Who Can't Stop Dancing, Channel 4

Tom Oakley has a huge year ahead, auditioning for a coveted spot at the world-leading Rambert School of Ballet and Contemporary Dance, as well as trying to manage his cystic fibrosis. When he first started to dance, his 'lungs used to burn'.

But years of training have helped Tom's health enormously; and starting a recently trialled drug could be life changing, allowing him to push his body further than ever before.

After he competed on The Greatest Dancer, aged 16, Tom's heart was set on a career as a professional. But to achieve his dream, he must leave his friends and family behind in Liverpool and be ready to compete against some of the best young dancers in the world, while also managing his life-limiting condition by himself.

With his dance college closed due to Covid restrictions, Tom is attempting to prepare at home for the biggest audition of his life. Will his passion for dance prevail?

Airs Tuesday 03rd August at 11:05pm on Channel 4.


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