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Four new dramas are coming to Channel 5 later this year.


Written by Michael Crompton, the series will track four female best friends on holiday in the south of France whose lives are turned upside down when one finds out her partner is having an affair. She then discovers that someone in the villa where they are staying may be prepared to kill to keep their secret hidden.

Jill Halfpenny will play Kate, whilst Owen McDonnell will play Kate's cheating husband Sean.


Compulsion is a 4 x 60 thriller written by Sarah Deane and directed by Noreen Kershaw. Leading the cast of Compulsion is Leanne Best as Jenny, and Anna Chancellor as Sasha.

The gripping four part series follows paramedic Jenny, who after a fatal train crash develops a gambling addition to try to cope with her PTSD. Heavily in debt to some dangerous people, help arrives in the form of a good Samaritan Sasha, who offers Jenny a way out.


The cast is led by Nina Toussaint-White who plays Jodie, a single mum who runs a hairdressing salon. One day at work, Jodie momentarily glances out of the window and in a split second her life descends into freefall.


James D’Arcy (Agent Carter, Broadchurch) plays James Alden. With a youthful mistake from his past putting a stop to his career as an investigative journalist, James is on a quest for redemption, making him the perfect candidate to get to the bottom of Natalie Varga’s story. Charlie Murphy (Peaky Blinders, Happy Valley) is Natalie.

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