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PREVIEW: Summer On The Farm, Channel 5

Helen Skelton and Jules Hudson host a week of live programmes from Cannon Hall Farm in South Yorkshire, run by brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson.

Episode 1 - Amanda Owen from Our Yorkshire Farm seeks out the best summer cooking ingredients freshly foraged from the countryside, while JB Gill takes a trip to Dorset to find out more about a vodka that is made from cow's milk.

Episode 2 - Brothers Rob and Dave Nicholson leave the family farm to take a road trip to Perth to view a new billy goat, and Julian Norton meets an Italian breed of sheepdog working to protect hundreds of free-range hens against predators in the foothills of the Pennines.

Episode 3 - Reuben Owen from Our Yorkshire Farm helps one of the farmers at Cannon Hall Farm refurbish some old agricultural equipment, and Nicholson brothers go head to head to see who can make the best barrel as an expert cooper joins the team to showcase his craft.

Episode 4 - Yorkshire Shepherdess Amanda Owen joins the farm restaurant's head chef Tim Bilton in the country kitchen to make a tasty summer dish with ingredients she has foraged. The Nicholson brothers test out some of the attractions as they prepare to host a village fete for the farmworkers and their families the following day, while JB Gill visits the family firm whose world-famous elderflower cordial began life on their kitchen table and is still made to the original recipe.

Episode 5 - With so many village fetes cancelled last year and just a few planned across the country this year, the Nicholsons are staging a socially distanced summer fete for their staff and families. Peter Wright from The Yorkshire Vet and JB Gill be live at the farm and the programme will follow farmer Ruth from Cannon Hall Farm as she goes to 'heavy horse boot camp' in preparation for this year's Great Yorkshire Show.

Summer On The Farm begins Monday 14th June at 8pm on Channel 5.


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