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If you missed it - July 2022

Channel 5 bosses have unveiled a drastic new strategy which will see over 20 programmes axed and a potential move into gameshows and factual entertainment.

Speaking to Broadcast's 'Behind The Scenes' podcast, Channel 5's director Ben Frow and commissioner Seb Cardwell revealed a major new strategy which aims to freshen up the schedule and create new programming and opportunities for producers.

The move could expend Channel 5's programming slate further into game or quiz shows, factual entertainment and a 'returning midweek drama'. Shiny floor entertainment and scripted comedy are not being sought by the Channel 5 team.

Ben Frow said: "48 hours ago [earlier this week], we decided to give the schedule a shake-up and literally culled about 20 series. This is an example of how we work really...

"It's so boring commissioning the same old shows. If we want to stay ahead of the game and a popular destination, we have to work really really hard to get those viewers' attention. Commissioners like to have a lot of hit shows, which is great, but sometime you've got to make space for new shows."

He later added: "If things are working. We'll keep them. We're not stupid, we're not going to throw the baby out the bath water."

On the podcast, the pair did not reveal which shows may be set for the axe, though did say those which are delivering ratings, perform well on My5 and digital channels will likely be safe.

Broadcast's original report can be read here. Channel 5 is available on Sky channel 105.


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