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Holiday Home Show (WT) will be presented by Amanda Lamb, with JB Gill and Sam Pinkham. In this light-hearted and entertaining competitive series Amanda, JB and Sam go head to head as they travel the length and breadth of Europe and the UK to find the very best holiday rentals.

This new format will showcase four amazing holiday homes in every episode, highlighting the best places to stay all over Europe, including the UK, Spain, France, Portugal, Italy, Greece, and Croatia.

Every episode visits a different location, showing some of the best holiday homes they have on offer as well as offering great tips for what you can do while you’re there.

The properties range from luxury and boutique to budget and quirky. But all have that special wow factor.

Executive producers Sarah Walmsley and Andrew Jackson at Raise The Roof Productions said: “We are so excited to be making this series and thrilled that Ben has such faith in the format. A big order like this is brilliant for the company and for the production community in Scotland.

The show is such a breath of fresh air, not only are we travelling all over Europe, but we have struck gold with our presenters. From the moment they met, there was real chemistry between them and they all really care about the properties they’re reviewing which brings such joy to the shows.”

Executive Producer, Melanie Darlaston from Motion Content Group said: “Forget trawling the internet for hours for your next holiday rental, looking at photos taken from the only angle that hides a multitude of sins-just watch this! This series does the donkey work uncovering the best places to chill and enjoy our precious and hard-earned holiday time!”

Holiday Home Show is a 80x60 series and is coming soon to Channel 5.


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