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Channel 5 have commissioned new feature documentary, Anorexic (w/t), a 1x90' documentary from Proper Content, who previously made Channel 5 documentary Suicidal: In Our Own Words.

Anorexic, filmed over several months, will examine the eating disorder through the eyes of the families and women fighting to save their lives. The documentary will include contributions from experts, as well as self-filmed video diaries.

Channel 5's Guy Davies said: "We regularly commission feature docs on social issues which go way beyond a report. What’s important here is to hear and understand the voices of those experiencing anorexia first-hand. And whilst it’s difficult to watch at times, it’s a vital story to tell."

Founder, David Dehaney, said: “We are incredibly privileged to have worked closely with our young contributors and their families to capture the insidious nature of anorexia and its impact on everyone caught up in it...

"We are very proud of this film and hope it will bring understanding and action which is so urgently needed.”

Anorexic will air on Channel 5 later this year. More details will be revealed in due course.


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