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The Trauma Network (w/t) is an ambitious new six-part series documenting the lifesaving work of the Scottish Trauma Network for the first time.

With exclusive access to multiple NHS organisations throughout the Scottish Trauma Network, the series follows medical staff from the initial 999 call to the difficult retrievals and the cutting-edge procedures helping patients put their lives back together.

From the inner cities to the wilderness of the Highlands and islands, this ambitious series shows medics battling to save lives across Scotland, facing some of the most stunning but challenging landscapes in the world to deliver urgent care to patients experiencing serious traumatic injuries.

Will Rowson, commissioning editor, Factual said: “I’m thrilled that a Nations indie is making this for prime-time Channel 4 and I’m proud to be working with Firecrest on what is a really exciting series. The Trauma Network aims to combine great Channel 4 storytelling with a specialist factual layer to find out how you save a life in the most challenging of environments.”

Firecrest's Iain Scollay said, “It’s exciting to have a project of this scale and ambition coming out of Glasgow. Delivering life-saving emergency medicine in a diverse landscape like Scotland is a huge challenge, which promises to make this a series that feels truly unique.”


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