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Channel 4 are reportedly developing a new dating series... which includes Bluetooth sex toys. Yes, really.

According to The Sun, Sex First (w/t) will see singletons couple up online and have 'online sex' on their first date... via Bluetooth-synced sex toys.

The format explores the theory that the best matches "must have sexual chemistry first and foremost." The singles will be introduced to one another as online avatars, before experience their first sexual experience together.

They will then be given the opportunity to meet in real life, to see if the spark continues, and decide whether to progress their relationship and carry on dating.

A source told The Sun: "Channel 4 has aired some bizarre dating shows, but this will be the most outrageous. They made a pilot towards the end of last year and the next phase is screen-testing it to audiences. If it’s green lit, it is bound to cause controversy but the series could also attract some big ratings."

More details will be revealed in due course. TV Zone approached Channel 4 for comment.


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