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Luxury For Less (w/t) is a new 6x60 consumer series revealing how we can all treat ourselves and indulge, without breaking the bank.

Presented by Helen Skelton and Sabrina Grant it will cover everything from clothes to food to fashion and holidays. The series builds on the success of 1 x 60 Luxury Christmas For Less which transmitted in December 2020 to an audience of 1.6m, 7.4% share.

Adam Vandermark, commissioner, News and Current Affairs said; “Our Christmas Luxury for Less single was full of useful tips and hacks to get good quality and value for money, and was one of our top consumer performers last December. There is clearly room to delve into other areas, particularly at a time when many people are conscious of their spending.”

Firecrest's Nicole Kleeman said, “The last 18 months have been the toughest many of us have lived through. Whether we have struggled financially or managed to save, a key trend has emerged: we want to treat ourselves. This series shows us all how to indulge and reward ourselves for getting through the hideous pandemic, without breaking the bank.”

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