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John Travolta, Olivia Newton-John and Stockard Channing star in Randal Kleiser's evergreen musical, based on the hit Broadway show, will be repeated on Channel 4 this weekend.

Sandy (Newton-John) has moved to a new school, Rydell High, unaware that her holiday crush, Danny (Travolta), is also at the school and is a member of the T-Birds, the greasy-haired, car-obsessed gang of bad boys.

Sandy is squeaky clean, a good girl who has been befriended by the toughest group of girls in the school, the Pink Ladies, led by the unruly and cynical Rizzo (Channing). When the girls find out that Sandy is still pining after Danny, they engineer a meeting.

Stunned and discomfited at meeting his summer love again, Danny blows it. But after he apologises, sparks fly once more - until Danny's macho image is threatened by his love for Sandy.

Meanwhile, Rizzo also has to deal with her own very personal problems with Danny's best mate Kenickie (Jeff Conaway).

Grease (1978 edition) airs Saturday 13th August at 5:55pm on Channel 4. This is a late edition to the schedule following the passing of Olivia Newton-John earlier this week.

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