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Channel 4 is to delve behind the scenes of a real-world trading phenomenon in a new 15-part daytime series.

Bidding Wars follows a returning cast of re-sellers from across Britain as they try to generate a profit from their blind purchases through online second-hand sites, car boot sales and specialist dealers.

Presenter Kevin Duala oversees the action as we discover how high the re-sellers are willing to bid when they go head to head at auction to secure the pallets up for sale. Although they get a peek through the shrink wrap, they don’t know exactly what they are getting until their pallets are unboxed…

Jayne Stanger, commissioning editor, Daytime & Features, said: “Bidding Wars is set to be an intriguing and entertaining watch as viewers will get to see what happens to all those online orders once they’ve been returned. Kevin Duala is the perfect host for the series, offering advice and overseeing good-natured rivalries between our sellers who are out to make the most money.”

Melanie Darlaston, Head of Factual UK at Motion Content Group adds: “This is a fun new format that takes the viewer into a world of poker faces and tactical bidding! Be it tat or treasure, every item needs to be sold and we’ll see how our seasoned professionals use every trick in the re-seller’s book to make a profit.”


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