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Buffering follows the lives of kids’ TV presenter Iain (Iain Stirling) and his housemates. ITV have not confirmed a third series, however according to production websites a third series is in 'active development'.

In the series, they attempt to navigate the choppy waters of their late twenties, with every wrong decision, failed relationship and wasted hungover day intensifying the feeling that time is running out for them to get their 'adult' lives in order.

Over the course of this new series, we’ll follow Iain and his housemates as they try to figure out how to be better at life. Whether it’s throwing house parties, job hunting, dating, visiting the countryside, putting on pub quizzes or just figuring out their true feelings for each other, the gang will always have each other when, inevitably, things don’t go as planned.

Helping them along the way is Iain’s on-off (mostly off) girlfriend Olivia (Elena Saurel - The Batman, Industry, Breeders) and his overly detail-driven (aka irritating) colleague Finn (Steve Bugeja).

The regular cast are Ashley (Rosa Robson - Black Mountain Poets, Inside No. 9, Heavy Entertainment), Rosie (Jessie Cave - Harry Potter, Trollied, Black Mirror), Greg (Paul G Raymond - Plebs, Avenue 5, Starstruck), and Thalia (Janine Harouni - Stand Up with Janine Harouni (Please Remain Seated), The Batman, Modern Horror Stories).

Guest cast for the latest series, which aired on ITV2 after Love Island in January, included Laura Whitmore, Emily Atack, David Carlyle, Tony Way, Melvin Odoom, Tyne-Lexy Clarson, Sophie Duker and Gordon Kane.

Buffering is available now on ITVX.

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