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BritBox today announced content launching on the service throughout December 2021.

2nd December

Hillsborough (1996)

Grieving families struggle to come to terms with the unexpected and tragic 1989 Hillsborough Disaster. Television film starring Christopher Eccleston, Tracey Wilkinson and Ricky Tomlinson.

The Brittas Empire S1-5 (1991-1994)

Gordon Brittas is the manager of the Whitbury-Newtown Leisure Centre. Despite his good intentions, everything seems to go wrong when he's around, despite the best efforts of the center staff and his long-suffering wife, Helen. Starring Chris Barrie, Pippa Haywood and Harriet Thorpe.

Banksy: Most Wanted (2020 UK Premiere)

Banksy is a household name, but behind this name hides a multitude of stories, artworks, stunts, political statements and identities, leading to one of the art world's biggest unanswered questions- who is Banksy?

Our Zoo S1 (2014)

While returning from a reunion, George Mottershead notices the Oakfield Manor that is put up for auction. He takes a loan and decides to convert the estate into a zoo without cages. Starring Lee Ingleby, Liz White and Ralf Little.

9th December

As Time Goes By S1-4 (1992-1995)

The Korean War, and a long lost letter, separate the lives of young lovers Jean Pargetter and Lionel Hardcastle, whose paths cross again by happenstance. Starring Judi Dench and Geoffrey Palmer.

Cambridge Spies S1 (2003)

The true story of a group of Cambridge University Students who are recruited to spy for the Soviet Union in the early 1930s. Starring Tom Hollander.

Agatha and the Truth of Murder (2018)

In 1926, with her personal life in tatters and her writing in crisis, a young Agatha Christie decides to solve a real-life murder. Television film starring Ruth Bradley, Blake Harrison and Dean Andrews.

16th December

2Point4Children S1-8 (1991-1999)

Series following the lives of the Porters, a seemingly average, working-class London family whose world is frequently turned upside-down by bad luck and bizarre occurrences. Starring Gary Olsen, Belinda Lang and John Pickard.

A Very Peculiar Practise S1-2 (1986-1988)

The various misadventures of Stephen Daker, a young doctor who works for the health centre of a modern British university. Starring Peter Davison, Barbara Flynn and David Troughton.

Brexit: The Uncivil War (2019)

With an intention to convince the British voters to leave the European Union, political strategist Dominic Cummings decides to start a controversial campaign. Starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Rory Kinnear.

Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads? S1-2 (1973-1974)

Terry and Bob from The Likely Lads (1964) continue their life after Terry arrives home from serving in the Army to discover that Bob is about to marry his girlfriend Thelma. Can Thelma lead Bob onto the straight and narrow path or will Terry divert things once again ? Starring Rodney Bewes, James Bolam and Brigit Forsyth.

23rd December

Doctor Who: The Faceless Ones (1967/2020)

The eighth incomplete Doctor Who serial to receive full-length animated reconstructions of its missing episodes. The Doctor and his companions arrive at Gatwick Airport and discover strange identity-stealing aliens called Chameleons.

Doctor Who: Fury from the Deep (1968/2020)

Animated reconstruction of the missing serial. The Doctor and his companions find themselves at a gas refinery where a dangerous plant is infecting everyone and controlling their minds.

Bad Girls S1-8 (1999-2006)

Dramatic portrayal of life in a women's prison, focusing on the inmates and staff's friendships and relationships, and the issues surrounding them. Starring Jack Ellis, Victoria Alcock and Kika Mirylees.

Mistresses S1-3 (2008-2010)

The lives and loves of four female friends: Katie, a doctor having an affair with a patient; Trudi, a 9/11 widow; Siobhan, a barrister; and Jessica, a commitment phobe who plays the field. Starring Sarah Parish, Orla Brady and Sharon Small.

Upstart Crow: Lockdown Christmas 1603 (2020)

The plague has hit London, and as Christmas approaches, Will and Kate are in wave fifteen of state-enforced home confinement together in Will’s London lodgings. Starring David Mitchell and Gemma Whelan.

The Hippopotamus (2017)

Disgraced poet Ted Wallace is summoned to his friend's country manor to investigate a series of unexplained miracles. Starring Roger Allam, Matthew Modine and Fiona Shaw.

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