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Join Sky as they mark Black History Month all throughout October with an expansive range of programming to celebrate black talent, culture and history, as well as educate and engage in the ongoing fight for racial equality.

Over three parts, Obama: In Pursuit of a More Perfect Union chronicles the personal and political journey of President Barack Obama and forms a portrait of America under its first Black president. Weaving together conversations with colleagues, friends, and critics, and interspersed with his own speeches and news interviews, the series opens with Obama’s childhood and takes us through his perspective as the son of a white mother from Kansas and an African father, his spiritual formation informed by a generation of Black leaders, and his hopes for a more inclusive America.

Idris Elba portrays ground-breaking South African leader Nelson Mandela’s fight against political oppression and virulent racism to become the first black president of South Africa. Chronicling Nelson Mandela’s journey from his childhood in a rural village via 27 years in solitary confinement, through to his inauguration as the country’s president, this in-depth biopic marks Mandela’s trailblazing journey.

An in-depth chronicle of the final chapters of Dr Martin Luther King Jr.’s life, which reveals a conflicted leader who faced an onslaught of criticism from both sides of the political spectrum. Drawing on conversations from those closest to Dr King, the film explores how Dr King’s unyielding belief in peaceful protest became a testing point for a nation in the brink of national chaos.

An intimate account of legendary U.S. Representative John Lewis’ life and legacy - charting more than 60 years of extraordinary activism. As one of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s closest allies, Lewis organised Freedom Rides that left him bloodied or jailed and stood at the front lines in historic marches on Washington and Selma.

Babou Ceesay (Damilola, Our Loved Boy) stars darkly comic Sky Original drama Wolfe, as forensic scientist professor Wolfe Kinteh - North England’s finest crime scene expert. Wolfe runs the local university forensics department working hand-in-hand with the police to investigate crime scenes and pass on his laser-sharp insight to the next generation of crime fighters. Half genius, half liability – he’s worth the hassle as he gets results.

More information and further programming can be found here.

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