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Beat The Chasers: Celebrity Specials | Preview (ITV1)

Individual celebrities take on all six Chasers - The Governess, The Vixen, The Menace, The Dark Destroyer, The Beast and The Sinnerman - in the hope of winning a huge cash prize for their chosen charities.

To build a cash pot, the contestants have to answer multiple choice questions - get the first one wrong, and they are out, but answer one or more correctly and they get to face the Chasers, who offer time and money in order to take them on.

If the contestants get all Cash Builder questions right, they are given a super offer to face all the Chasers for up to £600,000 - the endgame is a nail-biting head-to-head race against the clock.

Run out of time before the Chasers and the contestants go home with nothing, but if the Chasers run out of time before them, they will win the money for their nominated charities. With Bradley Walsh as our presenter, is anyone good enough to take on the greatest quiz team that ever lived?

Taking part across the series of celebrity specials are Nish Kumar, Alexander Armstrong, Dion Dublin, Jo Brand, Gareth Malone, Kirsty Gallagher, Rachel Riley, Chris McCausland and Mary Erps.

Beat The Chasers returns with Celebrity Specials from Friday 12th January on ITV1.


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