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The housemates have been taking part in the first shopping task of the series - Big Bros Ltd.

Fire warden Jordan has slept in his uniform in case the Big Brother house was woken by a fire alarm as part of this week’s shopping task. Today is Jordan’s birthday and waking up, he says: “We’re waiting on the fire alarm. I was awake all night waiting for that. The safety of my housemates is paramount to me.”

Jordan is then interrupted by the fire alarm as all of the housemates head into the garden as part of the evacuation procedure.

The housemates take part in a series of other tasks including counting change and licking and sealing envelopes. Big Bros Ltd also faces a power cut leaving three housemates to take part in an electricity themed task.

Have the housemates done enough to pass the first shopping task? Will they receive a luxury shopping budget or be left with an economy budget?


Farida and Kerry have made no secret to Big Brother that they’re clashing with one another.

Speaking in the diary room about Kerry being promoted in the shopping task, Farida says: “She might be proud that she’s been promoted because she’s even higher than the middle management and that title will make her feel extremely honoured. However, I hope it’s full of tasks as in counting rather than working her mouth but working her mindset, her brain, her hands.”

Later that day, Farida and Kerry are talking to Olivia about cosmetic procedures. Gesturing to Kerry, Farida says: “Our generation never did it. We weren’t aware.”

Kerry turns to Jenkin and says: “I’ve never felt so old. Our generation?”

Can the pair resolve their differences and find common ground?


Following the announcement on whether the housemates have passed or failed the shopping task, Hallie collects the shopping list as the housemates begin deliberating on this week’s order.

Paul says: “Let the people who got to cook decide.”

Olivia interjects: “Can I also make a point and it might be controversial? Shout out at me if you want. I do feel like the people who were on the bottom should have top priority over that kind of situation. Feel free to disagree but a lot of the bottoms feel the same way and some of the Middles feel the same way.”

Farida says: “I disagree because to be honest, if I had to do their job what they did that would have been a nightmare for me - the Big Wigs.”

Olivia replies: “What? Eating like a king?”

Can the housemates come to a resolution in regards to the shopping list and make sure everyone is happy with this week’s order?

Big Brother continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVX.


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