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BBC Two have announced The Wild Gardener (w/t), a brand new two part programme presented by Colin Stafford-Johnson that will show how anyone can turn a piece of land in to a wildlife haven.

With our natural world under siege, wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson wants to help turn thousands of years of garden obsession on its head. In the face of wildlife armageddon, Colin believes if you have a garden, you can make a difference!

After decades of filming the earth’s dwindling wildlife, Colin returns home to embark on a very personal journey of garden redemption. He has just inherited his boyhood country garden in Ireland and wants to rip it up and turn it into a wildlife wonderland. Getting down and dirty, he’ll move mountains, dig ponds, clear scrub and try to figure out how to lure the wild creatures back.

Colin’s Dad was a TV Gardener, their family ran a Garden Centre and Colin spent his childhood slashing and pruning, mowing and spraying - keeping the unruly forces of nature at bay - before he became a wildlife cameraman. Across the two episodes, he will seek out the finest wild gardens in Britain & Ireland to discover what strategies are needed and what success looks like. And using the garden of his youth, Colin wants to show us how.

Colin says: “Whether in a remote village or suffocating suburb - your garden patch, big or small - can genuinely help our beleaguered natural world.”

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning Natural History and Science, says: "I can't wait to watch Colin transform his childhood garden into a beautiful, wildlife wonderland. Rewilding the world begins in our own back yards!"


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