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This is the behind-the-scenes story of one of the most famous military units on earth. The Royal Marine Commandos are globally renowned and nationally revered, and yet widely misunderstood.

Filming will centre on Plymouth in Devon, the base for units at the heart of the Royal Marines Commando Brigade, such as 42 Commando Royal Marines.

With unprecedented access to all ranks, the series uncovers the role of a Commando in 2021. It is a rarely seen glimpse behind closed doors and the lives of the ‘Corps Family’, men and women who make up this extraordinary organisation, from the highest echelons right through to fresh-faced recruits and the not so fresh, but experienced faces of committed Royal Marine veterans.

The programmes will follow national and international operations. Commandos are a global emergency service - from the Arctic to Anglesey.

Danger and drama are part of the daily routine, with risk and rescues simply part of the job. This is the story of the world’s first responders; from international threats to UK interests, to environmental disasters, Britain’s elite sea-borne raiders, are the proud descendants of 350 years of military excellence.


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