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This groundbreaking, landmark series tells the astonishing four-billion year story of the place we call home.

Over five episodes, Chris Packham will set out a biography of our planet, revealing the most epic moments from the Earth’s history, from the first seconds of its existence to the arrival of its most incredible inhabitants: us.

Cutting-edge CGI will allow viewers to witness the dramatic moments when our planet’s future, and the life it nurtured, hung in the balance. Massive bombardments from space, extreme changes in climate, the collision of whole continents. Every one of these key moments in our planet’s history is written in its scars.

The series will uncover the meaning of its mountains and its ocean floors, its craters, valleys and plains. It will show how these features tell us of the perilous moments when life itself was nearly snuffed out, or rebounded to take a new course. Chris Packham will draw on his deep knowledge of contemporary biology to shed light on points of crisis and change in our planet’s past.

Earth’s story hasn’t ended. Using the latest scientific research, Chris will reveal how Earth’s most remarkable creation - intelligent life - is set to have a lasting impact on the planet - an impact as profound as any asteroid or volcano.


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