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Following her critically-acclaimed, deeply personal and impactful first documentary on revenge porn, Zara McDermott returns to BBC Three with a new investigative documentary into sexism and 'rape culture' in UK schools.

Like an alarmingly high proportion of women in the UK, Zara has experience in this area - having been a victim of sexism, harassment and revenge porn twice, once when she was of school age. Zara wants to know why these crimes are so normalised in today’s society and get to the root of the problem - do these attitudes and behaviours develop in schools?

Zara will speak to young women and girls about their experiences of 'rape culture' and speak to those in both state and private schools to understand first-hand how these toxic behaviours happen in what is supposed to be a safe and secure environment. She will also hear from young men and boys about their perceptions and whether they fully understand the long-term impact that 'boys will be boys' culture, which seems so prominent in schools, can go on to have.

Zara McDermott says: “After the success of my Revenge Porn documentary, I am both honoured and thrilled to be making my second documentary with BBC Three. I was, and still am, incredibly overwhelmed by the response so far and to be working on another powerful, emotive, educational and eye opening film is going to be a fantastic next step. I hope that by speaking out and bringing awareness to such important yet often taboo topics, we can help people not just across the country, but the world too.”

Fiona Campbell, Controller of BBC Three, says: “Zara’s first BBC Three film about revenge porn was both shocking and eye-opening and the response has been incredible. We’re really looking forward to working with her again for this film that confronts another important subject that needs to be discussed and we’re hoping that this film will be equally impactful with our audience.”


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