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Established and rising stars of the female Scottish comedy scene will feature in a raft of new comedies from BBC Scotland including Janey Godley, Gayle Telfer Stevens, Louise McCarthy, Susan Riddell, Kendra McPherson, Ashley Storrie, Karen Dunbar, Joyce Falconer and Elizabeth Caproni.

These new comedies for BBC Scotland were commissioned by Gavin Smith Commissioning Executive Comedy, Drama and Entertainment, who says: “We’re delighted to announce this new selection of titles for iPlayer and the channel that showcases some of Scotland’s top female comedy writing, presenting and performing talent. It’s great to see a mix of new and established names bringing fresh laughs to the Scottish audience.”



(3x5 BBC iPlayer, 1x15 BBC Scotland)

A few months ago, Susan was preparing for a life of mortgages, marriage and motherhood. But when her boyfriend’s celebrity profile rockets and he dumps Susan, she finds herself back living with her mum, working her old Saturday job in a run-down shopping centre while sharing joint custody of the Labrador the couple rescued together in happier times.

Stevens & McCarthy

(3x5 BBC iPlayer, 1x15 BBC Scotland)

A brand new, rip-roaring sketch show written and performed by one of Scotland’s most versatile comedy duos - Gayle Telfer Stevens (River City, The Dolls) and Louise McCarthy (Scot Squad, The Dolls). High-energy and big on laughs, Gayle and Louise team-up to create a cavalcade of comic characters featuring everything from competitive siblings to ultra-aware hipsters. An essential sketch selection including recurring characters, observational humour, spoofs, quick hits and musical sketches.

Two For One

(3x5 BBC iPlayer, 1x15 BBC Scotland)

Kendra and Brenda strike up an unlikely friendship working in a department store. During quieter moments in the shop they discuss everything from romance to spirituality, even the cinematic output of Pierce Brosnan. Kendra works the tills, Brenda does security. As they blether away, workplace gossip mixes with profound insight and dubious advice.

Who Runs The World?

(3x5 BBC iPlayer, 1x15 BBC Scotland)

A new, all-female sketch show which pops the bubble of celebrity in modern Scotland, Who Runs The World? is written by and stars Elizabeth Caproni, best-known for her uncanny impressions of everyone from Nicola Sturgeon to Melania Trump. In Who Runs The World?, Elizabeth showcases her fan favourites and introduces viewers to some new characters from Scotland and beyond.

Karen Dunbar: The Comedy Of Offence

(1x60, BBC Scotland)

The face behind such iconic Scottish comedy characters as Auld Betty, Almost Angelic and Shoeless Josie, funny woman Karen Dunbar considers how, in this newly woke world, a comedian navigates taste and offence. Karen sets out to perform a live comedy show true to the spirit of her iconic noughties characters - to a ‘woke’ Gen Z audience. Karen does the background research on the ‘ins and outs ‘of woke language and culture and tackles the boundary of offensive comedy, while simultaneously prepping for this special performance.

Ashley & Janey Get A Real Job

(4x30, BBC Scotland)

Comedians Janey Godley and her daughter Ashley Storrie are on a mission. For years they have been night owls working as stand-up comics - about as far away from 9 to 5 as you can imagine. Now they are going head-to-head to prove they have what it takes to get a real job. They will be thrown in at the deep end of a variety of workplaces across Scotland. From working on fishing boats and in factories, to trying out the life of an airport handler they’ll be grafting hard to impress their boss. With only one ‘employee of the day’ badge up for grabs, we’ll find out who really can cut it outside the comedy circuit.

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