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such brave girls is a new comedy from writer-performer Kat Sadler.

The show explores life and love in all its ugly chaos, following a single mother, Deb, and her two daughters, Josie and Billie, attempting to piece their lives back together after their narcissistic wreckhead father and husband finally f*cked off for good.

It’s about a family navigating life armed with nothing but a warped view of the world, poor judgement skills and self-esteem that’s exclusively tied to men, and women who couldn’t care less whether or not they stop breathing. They’re vain, selfish, heavily in debt, angry, pathologically desperate for affection, minorly (sometimes majorly) criminal and bursting with misplaced, terrifying love.

Josie is played by Sadler and her real-life sister Lizzie Davidson plays her on-screen sister, Billie. Deb is played by Louise Brealey (Sherlock) and it co-stars Paul Bazely as Deb’s prospective new boyfriend Dev, and Amy Trigg as Josie’s workmate, Clare.

Kat says: “Everything we joke about in the show is from a place of lived experience. I wish I could say this is a heartwarming show about overcoming trauma, but that would be a lie. It’s about three toxic, damaged egomaniacs manipulating the world and each other for their own personal gain, vengeance and glory. Yes, just like in Little Women.”

Lizzie Davidson says: “Cheers to BBC for letting two queers with mental health issues have a TV show. Or wherever BBC Three is now, I still don’t quite understand. And if any of this show makes you uncomfortable, at least you didn’t have to live it.”

Gregor Sharp, BBC Comedy Commissioning Editor adds: “such brave girls is a brilliantly unique and totally unflinching take on the family sitcom and so feels perfectly at home on BBC Three.”

It will air on BBC Three and BBC iPlayer this autumn.


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