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BBC Factual announces Zuckerberg (w/t), a three part series for BBC Two and iPlayer from Mindhouse Productions, which will present the definitive account of Mark Zuckerberg and his brainchild in compelling and dramatic detail, marking the 20th anniversary of Facebook’s founding.

On 4th February 2004 a teenage Mark Zuckerberg launched a website to help college students connect with each other.

That website was the birth of Facebook, and it would go on to radically and irreversibly transform human behaviour and communication. Today, Facebook is nearly unrecognisable from Zuckerberg’s initial creation.

With access to key players, insider testimony, personal journals, and rare archive, this will be the ultimate inside story of the man and the platform which changed the world.

This is a fascinating story of an unexpected maverick with an audacious vision. Woven throughout is a look at the rise of social media, humanity’s need to build connections and our complex relationship with the inventions that have changed the face of human interaction forever.

At a time when Facebook is transforming its vision, this is a key moment to explore the story of Zuckerberg - the man who got us here; to look back at events and the remarkable changes he has unleashed, and dig into the mind and motivations of the individual whose vision we are all now a part of - whether we choose to be or not.

Jack Bootle, Head of Commissioning, Science and Natural History, said: “As the 20th anniversary of Facebook approaches, there’s never been a better time to tell the story of its founder – and assess the seismic impact of his work on world culture. I’m excited that the brilliant team at Mindhouse will be bringing this fascinating subject to life for BBC Two and iPlayer.”

Nancy Strang, Creative Director, Mindhouse, said: "The remarkable story of Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook is one of the tales of our time. ..

"He has arguably done more to transform human behaviour and connectivity than any other person this century. I'm thrilled that we've been given this opportunity to tell the extraordinary inside story of the social media giant, and the man behind it."

Zuckerberg (w/t) a 3x60‘ for BBC Two and iPlayer, is made by Mindhouse Productions for BBC Two and iPlayer.

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