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This new series follows the extraordinary work of midwives in Bradford and the stories of mums, dads and families as they go through a life-changing experience.

The midwives specialise in homebirths and support families across the district – from surrounding rural villages to the inner city.

The series, which has exclusive access to the Homebirth Midwifery team at Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will offer warmth and humour, and lots of drama. Viewers will get to know the team of midwives who live and work in the communities they serve; where they work all hours - and are on call for when the moment comes.

In recent times requests for homebirths have increased dramatically - women from all backgrounds are choosing to go through childbirth this way. The series will also follow the wider family and see how they cope with life before, during and after the arrival of a baby.

Aisling O’Connor, Head of TV Commissioning for BBC England says: “BBC England tells engaging, fresh and untold stories from across the country. We are thrilled to be filming with this very special team of midwives. Yorkshire Born will give the audience access to these local heroes and the community they serve  - set against the backdrop of the wonderful city of Bradford and surrounding countryside.”


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