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Operation Satanic: The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (working title), a feature length documentary from Oxford Scientific Films (OSF) has been commissioned for BBC Two and iPlayer.

‘Operation Satanic’ tells the story of the fatal bombing of Greenpeace’s flagship Rainbow Warrior by a team of French Secret Service agents in New Zealand in 1985, ordered to prevent the environmental campaigners from protesting against France’s nuclear testing on South Pacific islands.

It explores the shocking legacy of nuclear testing by the Western powers, the botched French operation, the dramatic police investigation and international fallout as France flexed its muscles over nuclear-free New Zealand at the height of the Cold War.

With brand new testimony from the spies, detectives, activists and politicians at the heart of the action, it’s a tale of state terrorism, environmental passion and international power play, more resonant now than ever.

Operation Satanic: The Sinking of the Rainbow Warrior (w/t), is a 1x90’ for BBC Two and iPlayer.

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