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Highland Blues is a new eight part series for BBC Scotland and BBC Two which takes viewers inside a police force where traditional community policing meets modern cutting edge crime fighting.

With exclusive access to the Highlands & Islands division of Police Scotland, the country’s largest beat, cameras will be following the twists and turns of police work from the moment a call comes in to the control centre.

The location may be picture postcard but it also has its fair share of crime and issues that go with it.   Each episode follows the work of the officers at all levels who police this sprawling, diverse and remote landscape, dealing with a rich mix of incidents from small scale disputes to major incidents across scattered communities to larger Highland conurbations like Inverness and Oban.

Louise Thornton, Head of Commissioning at BBC Scotland says: “The access we have with the Highlands & Islands division of Police Scotland will bring viewers a unique insight into the challenges faced by the country’s biggest police beat.   Throughout the series we will meet a cast of officers who will give us an understanding of what it takes to police such a large area.  This commission with BBC Two is part of our plan to showcase and reflect Scotland to audiences across the UK and beyond.”

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