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Thatcher And Reagan - The Special Relationship (w/t) will explore their close friendship, forged in adversity and built on ideological affinity and strong mutual attraction.

Charles Moore, author of the authorised biography of Margaret Thatcher, reveals his personal view of how the relationship between the former UK Prime Minister and US President Ronald Reagan changed the course of world history, in a new two-part series for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

Though their political and personal relationship was often tested, Charles Moore will make the case that it fundamentally shifted the power dynamics of the 1980s, as together they helped reshape East/West relations, driving the Cold War towards a critical turning point after which came the fall of the Iron Curtain and the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

Formerly a journalist covering this story day by day, Charles Moore has become a historian trying to understand it with hindsight. Having dedicated years to his Thatcher biographies, Charles is one of the few people who has read her secret and personal papers in the UK, as well as the relevant US government papers.

In this new series he reveals what he’s learnt, and speaks to eyewitnesses, exploring the ups and downs of this complex friendship with those who knew these remarkable personalities who shaped world events throughout the 1980s.

Patrick Holland, Director Factual, Arts & Classical Music, says: “The status of the ‘special relationship’ has been a constant in post-war political analysis. This series promises to be a fascinating and timely exploration of Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan’s chapter in this history, when the relationship was at the centre of such seismic shifts in the global order.

"As Thatcher’s biographer, Charles Moore is perfectly placed to share his take on the dynamic between these two world leaders, exploring how they learnt from each other as they sought to change their worlds.”

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