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Spanning more than half a century it is a staggering tale of fortunes built and lost, mysterious deaths, society intrigue and a spectacular descent into scandal, culminating in the trial of Ghislaine Maxwell expected next year.

Told through intimate testimony and exclusive never-before-seen sources of archive, The Fall Of The House Of Maxwell (w/t) is a story woven through British and American society and culture and will offer a unique window into a world of money, sex, privacy and power across half a century.

Patrick Holland, Controller, BBC Two, says: "Building on recent successes like Once Upon A Time In Iraq, Thatcher and The Rise Of The Murdoch Dynasty, this series promises to combine nuanced story-telling with great filmmaking ambition. I’m delighted to commission it for BBC Two and iPlayer audiences."

Expectation’s Creative Director, Factual and Factual Drama, Colin Barr, adds: "It’s hard to imagine a story with a more dramatic rise or disastrous fall than the story of the Maxwell family. It’s a story that is both intimate and epic and one which speaks to half a century of business, politics and celebrity. This is a true-life family drama on an extraordinary scale, and we’re incredibly privileged to be producing it for BBC Two."

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