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Plants live secret, unseen lives. But in their hidden world and on their timescale, they are as aggressive, competitive and dramatic as animals, locked in desperate battles for food, for light, to reproduce and to scatter their young.

From the NHU and Sir David Attenborough, the series employs the latest technologies and showcases over two decades of new discoveries. The Green Planet will reveal this strange and wonderful world like never before. In the series, David will travel across the globe, from the USA to Costa Rica, Croatia to northern Europe.

From deserts to water worlds, from tropical forests to the frozen north, David finds new stories and brings a fresh understanding of how plants live their lives. He will meet the largest living things that have ever existed; trees that care for each other; plants that hunt animals and a plant with most vicious defences in the world.

Twenty six years after Private Life of Plants aired on BBC One, we see how science and technologies have advanced, and how our understanding of the ways in which plants behave and interact has evolved.

The series is also a great passion project for Sir David Attenborough. On air in early 2022, it transmits at a critical moment, as our green world stands on the brink of collapse. It is therefore vital that we begin to understand and appreciate that central part it plays in making our world habitable for us.

The Green Planet will reveal this strange and wonderful world like never before and will be the first immersive portrayal of an unseen, inter-connected world.


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