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Animal Park is returning to Longleat Safari Park to make sure it’s another magical Christmas! The keepers are working hard to ensure their creatures are ready for the winter, whilst Ben Fogle and Kate Humble are set to deliver a huge slice of festive spirit and heart warming stories.

The park is full of new life with a sleigh-full of Christmas arrivals, as well as some very cute furry babies. However, the keepers are left hoping for a miracle when they are forced to hand rear a precious new born. The tiger cubs are growing up fast, but keepers fear they are taking on their Dad’s worst behaviours, and could there be love, actually for the fennec foxes?

Ben, Kate and Jean Johansson will be handing out treats for the stars of the park - a yule log for the lions, an edible Christmas wreath for the otters, not forgetting a rather large festive toy for the tigers.

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