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BBC Daytime has announced the commission of The Vintage French Farmhouse, a 20x45' episode series from the makers of The Repair Shop.

Each 45-minute episode will see three dealers head out to markets and a brocante (the French word for flea-market) in search of antiques, curios and collectables they think will appeal to the British marketplace.

Along the way the dealers will offer take-home tips to viewers on how to spot a bargain, how to haggle for the right price and the best way to sell it on for a profit.

They return to the farmhouse to clean up their treasures and take photos to create images. Then it’s time to post the items for sale online. Whoever makes the most profit from their sales wins the day.

Dealers including Adi Higham, Ian Humphries, Jo Roberts, Jacqui Harris and Harry Khwaja will be staying in a French farmhouse in Provence.

Commissioner for BBC Daytime, Muslim Alim, comments, “We’re looking forward to showing audiences the delights and delicacies of the south of France. This programme will not only excite audiences with vintage finds and haggling tips from the experts but open up a new way to escape their homes and explore the flea markets of France.”

Executive producer for Ricochet, Rae Gilder, says, “The Vintage French Farmhouse will be an escapist treat that shows us that there is good money to be made buying and selling in one of the most beautiful places in the world.”

Filming is due to begin shortly and the series is expected to air in 2023.

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