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BBC One commissions three new coronavirus specials in their The Truth About... series.

1. The Truth About... Improving Your Mental Health

Clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron teams up with former England footballer and now TV pundit Alex Scott who has suffered from depression. They set out to discover how we can use the latest scientific insights to help look after our mental health.

Together with leading experts, they look at the latest science around treatments and self-help techniques for common mental health issues. They discover a surprising new technique for dealing with the mental health condition that has risen most across every age, gender and social group - anxiety. They test a new device that uses electrostimulation in the brain to help us sleep; and they follow a major study into whether probiotic drinks can improve our mood.

2. The Truth About... Boosting Your Immune System

Ronx teams up with Professor Sheena Cruickshank, an immunologist at the University of Manchester, to run a unique experiment. They recruit a group of volunteers and give them an ‘immune makeover’ - changing their diet, exercise and sleep habits for six weeks to test the impact on their immune health and discover how we might all benefit.

Ronx puts their own body to the test, to discover just how easily our immune system can be damaged; and the surprising ways it can be strengthened, from a relaxing massage to getting a fright.

3. The Truth About... Getting Fit At Home

Journalist and blogger Mehreen Baig used to hit the gym four times a week, but now her fitness regime has gone entirely DIY. She’s finding it cheap and convenient - but now she wants to use the latest science to make sure she’s getting maximum return for her effort.

Mehreen teams up with scientists at Liverpool John Moores University and 100 volunteers, to test how much online workouts really improve your fitness - and discover the tricks to help you stick with it and avoid giving up. She follows a brand new study that reveals you can build muscle with just a minute of strength training a day, and tests her own body to reveal the hidden dangers of pursuing the perfect ‘six-pack’ body shape.

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