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Dr Ronx, an emergency doctor, investigates why more men die from Covid-19 than women.

Meeting experts and patients, Ronx discovers that this medical gender bias is not restricted to today's pandemic, but is true across many viruses and diseases, including SARS, cancer and HIV. Women, it appears, are the stronger sex.

But alongside this natural advantage, a dangerous gender data gap also exists, undermining how women are treated within the healthcare system, leading to misdiagnoses and deaths. Delving into personal experience and challenging their own biases, Ronx asks what must be done to mend our divided healthcare and explores how much sex really matters.

Dr Ronx, presenter, said: “The Covid-19 Pandemic has made us all think about how different variables can influence health outcomes. Worldwide more men than women are dying from Covid-19 and I want to know why. What is the other sex-based variables at play here? I look forward to meeting the experts and bringing the science to an ever-increasing health conscious channel 4 audience. “

The documentary airs Tuesday 12th January at 10pm on Channel 4.

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