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Ant & Dec will be returning for a new series in 2021.

Applications are now open if you wish to take part in the new series, or want to nominate somebody you know for a surprise. Applications close in April 2021.


Last Date for Applications: Friday 2nd April 2021 (This may be extended without notice at the Producer's discretion)

Audition/Casting Period: Tuesday 1st September 2020 to Friday 2nd April 2020

Age Restrictions: If you are applying to take part in the show yourself, you must be aged at least 18 (eighteen) years of age. If you ​are​ nominating someone and ​you​ are aged under 18 (eighteen) years old then please arrange for a parent/guardian who is aged 18 (eighteen) or over to complete the Entry Form on your behalf. The Nominee must be aged at least 6 (six) years of age.

For more information, and to fill out an application form, click here.

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