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Apocalypse Wow | Series 2 Preview (ITV2)

Get ready for more Apocalypse Wow, the epic and hilarious physical game show set in the ‘Torture Dome’ - an outrageous secret underground club that’s part-BDSM dungeon and part Fight Club.

Series 2 welcomes a new host, Radio 1 DJ and Love Island: The Morning After presenter Arielle Free, who’ll be joining Donna Preston who returns as ‘The Mistress’.

The foolhardy famous faces signing up to battle their way through the Dome are former world champion boxer Amir Khan, musician Tinchy Stryder, Real Housewife Tanya Bardsley, Ibiza Weekender’s David Potts, comedians Luke Kempner and Harriet Kemsley, presenter Yasmin Evans, and Love Islanders Eyal Booker and Samira Mighty.

Every episode sees a team of four celebrities enter the Dome to take on The Mistress’s terrifying Superhuman Bosses – alongside memorable returners such as Hot Slippy Jesus, The Belly, and Pole Cat, The Mistress has reinforced the ranks with Tiny Iron (owner of Britain's biggest biceps), Cupid Stupid (a grumpy arrow-wielding god of love), the Locksmith (a shocking escapologist), and Pandora (a fierce female wrestler).

The celeb team must unite in a bid to defeat these extraordinary opponents taking them on in a series of ludicrous and entertaining physical challenges – alone the celebrities would be demolished, but together they stand the chance of overcoming a series of crazed contenders to win the day and take home a load of cash for charity.

Each show sees The Mistress decide who the weakest celebrity is, and they will be placed inside the human pinata and covered in all the money the celebrities have won in that episode. Their teammates will then bash the cash off their mate, who will then be banished before a new celebrity enters the Torture Dome to join the team.

Apocalypse Wow returns Friday 24th June at 10pm on ITV2.


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